What to Expect

First, FUN!

Also be prepared to …

Experience the local flora and fauna.
Enjoy & learn about the plants, dolphins and manatees that live in & around our waters.
Observe our feathered friends, both native and migratory.

It is all about Nature.
Each day is unique with the changing tides and seasons.

Expect to be enchanted … 

What to Bring?

You will get wet!

And, if you paddle in the Lagoon, there will be sharp oysters so you will want to purchase some close toed water shoes.  An old pair of close toed sneakers will also do.  Just be prepared for them to be wet and, most likely, muddy.

You should bring plenty of water, and snacks.

A hat, sunscreen and sunglasses are highly recommended in the Florida sun.

A life-vest must be on board as well as a whistle or other sound devise. 
(If you are renting, these will be provided)


“Bring Your own Kayak/SUP” EcoTours

2 Hours: $20.00/person

contact us for rentals and possible locations

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